Thursday, August 23, 2007


We can not attempt in this world without parents. The role and the parent's existence is very important and significant in our life.We know everything around us surely come from parents.We know and introduce many persons certainly from parents. Actually, the merits of our parents can not be accounted with everything.
Therefore, " Don't forget with our parent's merit".They always give their loves, advices, affections, and attentions.Involving me,I always thank to Allah who has been giving me parents as like them. I am proud with them.They never tired to give supports, motivations, full of spirit and prays.
I think their supports and spirits as like a soul for me. So, we can not live without them. The existences of parents is very important. As human being, we must understand and aware about that. The successfull of the people depends on the parents.Prays of the parents have significant value in our life.
Therefore, I never stop to pray and thank to Allah who has given me the kind of parents like them.In fact, I'm very proud with my parents, although they have many children, they are able to struggle and give all they have for their children.
Once again, we must thank to Allah and the prophet Muhammad who has given us their light, affections, mighty, and the welfares.

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