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Soal Bahasa Inggris - Kelas VIII

Teacher : Laily Istiqomah, S.Hum.,S.Pd Nama, Absen : _________________

A.Answer these question correctly by crossing (X) a, b, c or d!

Text one
In The Hospital
I was in hospital last week. The doctor told me that I had to have an operation. I had to stay in the hospital for a week.
The room in which I stayed was facing the garden, so I could see flowers outside from the windows. But I didn’t like the food there. It was tasteless.
The doctor told me that I had to have a special diet. I mustn’t eat any spicy food in the future.
1.Why did the writer stay in the hospital?
a.because the writer was ill
b.because the writer was asked to do so
c.because the writer had to have an operation
d.because the writer likes it
2.From the first paragraph we know that the writer …
a.didn’t need the hospital
b.had an operation
c.didn’t have to stay in the hospital
d.had the hospital
3.Based on the second paragraph, the correct information is ….
a.the room had a lot of windows
b.the food was not delicious
c.the doctors liked to work there
d.the hospital is dirty
4.What information can you get from the third paragraph?
a.the writer is not allowed to eat spicy food
b.the food was spicy
c.the doctor was on diet
d.the writer didn’t like spicy food

Text two
Rahmat went to a tailor to have his shirt and trousers made last Sunday. The tailor measured his hip and waist and also the length of the trousers. He also measured his chest.
The tailor cut the cloth according to Rahmat’s measurement. Then he sewed the clothes on his sewing machine. He sewed the zipper on the trousers. The tailor’s wife fixed the buttons. The clothes were ready in five days. Rahmat tried them on. They fit him well.
5.Rahmat went to tailor because he wanted to …..
a.measure his chest c. cut the clothes his clothes d. get his clothes made
6.The tailor’s wife fixed the buttons. The italic word means ….
a. attached to b. released from c. put into d. come to
7. Based on the first paragraph, the clothes were ready on ….
a. Wednesday b. Thursday c. Friday d. Saturday
8. He sawed the clothes in his sewing machine. The italic word refers to…
a. the tailor b. Rahmat c. the clothes d. the wife
9. A : “What do you think he is doing?”
B : “ …… “
a.I think he works c. I think he worked
b.I think he was working d. I think he is working
10. Dimas : “Do you want fried rice?”
Rahman : “Not right now, thanks”
The italic expression show about ….
a. offering something c. accepting an offer
b. refuse an offer d. forbidden
11. Rahmi : “What do you think of Indonesia Dedi?”
Dedi : “It’s beautiful country. I like it very much.
The underline express….
a. surprised b. invitation c. pleasure d. agreement
12. Will you come to my house?
a. certainly, I will b. no, I am not c. no, I don’t will d. yes, I do

Text three
Last holiday I went to Bromo mountain. I went there with my family by car. My father drove the car carefully.
When I arrived there. It was very beautiful. The weather was cool and fresh. And there were so many people around the crater.
Bromo was fantastic which I have ever never seen before.
13. Who went to bromo mountain?
a. the teacher and the student c. the students only
b. the writer d. all of the staff of school
14. How was the weather?
a. the weather was uncomfortable c. the weather was very nice cool and fresh
b. the weather was very hot d. the weather was
15. How many people were there?
a. there is only one people c. there are many people there
b. there are five people there d. there is a man there
16. Affan : “I think we should not clearly write the address on the envelope”.
Rahman : “……it’s very important I think”.
a. no, I don’t think so c. yes, I quite agree
b. yes, I believe so d. I think so
17. Lena : “What about going to botanical garden next vacation?”
Lina : “ …
a. I agree about your plan c. Im sorry to hear that
b. no, I don’t suppose so d. please don’t trouble yourself.
18. X: “Would you like something to eat?”
Y: “Yes, please. That’s what I need”
The underline word express…..
a. prohibition b. offering something c. refuse an offer d. sympathy
19. When I ….. to my uncle’s home, he was watching television in the living room.
a. was coming b. have been coming c. came d. were came
20. We sail to Makassar on a very large ….
a. ship b. boat c. canoe d. submarine

B. Arrange into good sentence!
21. they – me – when – I – believe – told – didn’t – news – the - ,
22. ? – the – window – please – close – can – you
23. to – I – studying – while – music – am – listening – am
24. will – Kintamani – in – find - we – scenery – bukit – beautiful
25. at – they – driving – the – arrived – hours – beach – after - two

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