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Soal Bahasa Inggris - Kelas VIII


Nama, Absen : ____________________

A.Choose the best answer below!
1.My mother … breakfast when I … this morning. preparing – wake up c. are preparing – got up
b.was preparing – got up d. were preparing – getting up
2.When it … to rain, the players … an exercise
a.began – are having c. begin – were having
b.begun – was having d. began – were having
3.She was not typing in the next room when I …… her.
a.see b. saw c. seen d. have seen
4.A : “ What is … mountain in the world?”
B : “ Everest”
a.the tallest b. tallest c. the taller d. the most tall
5.C: “What do you think about Yudi?”
D: “ I think he is ……. student in my class.”
a.the more intelligent c. more intelligent
b.most intelligent d. the most intelligent
6.A: Is your score in English test good?
B: Yes, but yours is ……… than mine.
a.better b. badder c. worses d. best
7.X: “When did he …… his old car?”
Y: “Last week I think”.
a.sail b. sell c. sold d. seal
8.Lala is 165 cm. Ali is too.
Lala is the same …. as Ali.
a.age b. size c. weight d. height
9.X: “You have been playing badminton for an hour”.
Y: ….. playing badminton?
X: “Yes, very much indeed”.
a.What do you think of c. How do you like?
b.Do you believe? d. Do you enjoy?
It was still early in the morning, when we (10) ….. at Selorejo. It was a wonderful lake. We used a motorboat ( 11) …. The lake to a quiet place where we spent some time fishing.
10.a. arrive
c.will arrive
d.are arriving
11.a. to cross
b.has crossed crossing
d.will crossing
12.This picture is ……… than that one.
a.interesting b. more interesting c. most interesting d. the most interesting
13.My English is …… than yours.
a.worse b. bad c. badder d. worst

The students of IIA have just finished doing an experiment in the laboratory. It is nine fifteen. It is time for them to have a break now. Evia and her friends are in the canteen. The canteen is big and clean. There is a washing table with the sentence "Wash your hands before and after eating" above it. There are bowls of side-dishes (lauk-pauk) and drinks sold in the canteen. All the students queue up to buy their food. Discipline and obedience help to make sure everybody follow the canteen rules. The rules are to queue up to buy food and not to spit on the floor. If the students are cooperative, the canteen will be clean and safe.
14. The students are in the ... now.
a. laboratory b. canteen c. library d. office
15. What are the canteen rules?
a. Work together to prepare food. c. Wash your hands before and after eating.
b. Discipline and obedience. d. Queue up to buy food and not to spit on the floor.
16. "There is a washing table with the sentence 'Wash your hands before and after eating' above it." The word 'it' refers to ...
a. the washing table c. the canteen
b. the sentence d. the hand
Here are some ... (17) on how to be a successful English learner. First, don't be ... (18) of making mistakes. Second, use every opportunity to practice your English. At last, be an optimistic person.
17. a. tips b. clues c. plans d. rules
18. a. afraid b. proud c. brave d. shy
19. Andi : “We are in a hurry. How should we go, Dul? By bike or motorcycle “
Dullah : “I think motorcycle will be better, because it is … than bike” b. faster c. slow d. slower
20. Feri : “Do you like the view of the mountain?”
Yud : “Yes, I enjoy it very much”
Feri : “I hope … “
Yudi : “Yes, of course and I will be back here as possible”
Feri : “Thank you that you like my village”
a. you are happy here c. I never come here again
b. you can go home soon d. the view is still beautiful
21. Doctor : “Let’s give treatment to the patient soon”
Nurse : “…. he looks seriously ill”
Doctor : “Prepare the equipments, please”
Nurse : “Sure, Doctor!”
a. yes, I agree b. no, I disagree c. that’s wrong d. don’t worry
Johan promised to pickup his girl friend from the office at 5 yesterday. As he had urgent work to finish he just stopped working at 5 pm. He ran all the way to the bus stop but he missed it. He decided to take a taxi and arrived at his girl friend’s office at 5.10 but she was not there.
22. With whom Johan has promise?
a. stranger b. his friends c. his close friend d. his girl friend
23. “ ….. she was not there”. The italic word refers to ….
a. Johan b. girl c. Johan’s girl friend d. the woman
Newspapers are important source of information. That is why, most people in big cities … (24) to certain newspaper. They begin their days by reading the paper. In this way, they learn what is going on in the world. Sometimes, however, they do not have time to read the news carefully. They only have time for a quick look at the front … (25)
24.a. subscribe b. provide c. buy d. read

25.a. press b. page c. stories d. comment
B.Identify the underlined words or phrases that should be corrected!
(identifikasi kata – kata atau frase yang seharusnya dibetulkan!)

26. I and my family watches Television together in the living room last night.
27. Finally, we have did our homework in Randi’s home.
28. When did you printed this book? It has a good cover that I have found.
29. In general cobra snakes are the most dangerous than rattle snakes.
30. The panorama in Bromo is more interesting in East Java.

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