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Soal Bahasa Inggris Untuk SMP


I. Choose the best answer by crossing a, b, c, or d!
Text for 1 - 4
The Titanic was the biggest ship in the world at that time. It had good facilities such as: a fully air conditional cabin, restaurant, bar, mini shop, recreation space, ship’s band and singers, medical facilities, telephone, etc.
When the Titanic sailed from Southampton to New York in April 1912 with 819 crews and 1316 passengers, it sank after it sailed for four days. It happened in North Atlantic Ocean. It hit a very big iceberg.
Because there were not enough lifeboats and all the passengers or the crews were very afraid, the ship sank rapidly, no one was safe.

1. Where did the tragedy happen?
a. in the high way b. in the sea c. in the harbor d. In the air

2. It had good facilities. The underlined word refers to ….
a.the ship b. the world c. the time d. that biggest

3. Which paragraph tells us that all people died?
a.Paragraph 3 c. paragraph 2
b.paragraph 1 and 2 d. paragraph 2 and 3

4. Where did the Titanic sink exactly?
a.Southeast continent c. North Atlantic Ocean
b.Atlantic ocean d. in the sea

5. Last Thursday our English teacher …… all the exercise.
a.corrected b. is correcting c. has corrected d. has been correcting

6. One day three weeks ago John’s friends visited him to his house because he …… off his bike.
a. falls b. fell c. has been falling d. is falling

Text for 7 - 10
It was Saturday afternoon. Didi, Umar, Amir, and some children were in Mr. Samsun’s yard. They looked very glad and enjoyed their time because they didn’t have to study in the evening.
The children played a game. It was hide and seek. Didi was ready to throw a ball. Umar was ready to hit the ball and Amir was ready to catch the ball. After Umar hit the ball, Didi and his friends had to hide. Amir had to take the ball and put it in the place they decided. Then he had to seek his friends who hide.
The children were very busy. They played the game gladly and some of them only watched the game. After the game ended, they left Mr. Samsun’s yard, and then they went home.

7. What is the main idea of the text?
a. children game c. hide and seek
b. Saturday afternoon d. Mr. Samsun’s yard

8. Where were the children on Saturday afternoon?
a. in the garden b. at the court c. in Mr. Samsun’s yard d. at home
9. A : “ How did they play the game?”
B : “ They played the game …… “
a. sadly b. carefully c. carelessly d. gladly

10. The children were very busy. They played the game …..(Paragraph 3). What does the word they refer to?
a. children b. busy c. Mr. Samsun d. Umar

11. The boys didn’t …….. their examination last year.
a. completed b. passed c. wrote d. was passing

12. Dodi : Could you switch off the TV, please?
Hasan : …..
a. no. thanks b. yes, I could c. yes, sure d. yes, please

13. Teacher : I didn’t see Amin yesterday.
Student : ….. that he was sick.
a. I’m possible b. It’s possible c. are you sure d. you are sure

14. I was very afraid because my father …….. his car fast last Monday
a. drive b. drove c. driven d. driving

15. Riri : Where is my wallet, Rara?
Rara: Oh, I don’t know
Riri : Would you like to help me to look for it?
Rara : ……I am very busy
a.yes, certainly b. I am sorry c. of course d. yes, please

16. Andi, Lina, and Risa ………. students in elementary school two years ago.
a. was b. were c. is d. am

17. Tita : How do you go to school Nana?
Nana : I usually go to school by bike. But yesterday I …. to school by bus, because the tire of my bike got flat.
a. went b. have gone c. will go d. going

18. Andrew : What do you plan to do next Sunday Sasa?
Sasa : Nothing. What about you?
Andrew : I …… Karangkates damp. Can you join me?
Sasa : Sure. Thank you going to b. visits c. visited d. have visited

19. Saskia was very happy two days ago because she ……… excellent score in English.
a.get b. got c. getting d. have got

20. Dedy : May I borrow your pen Deden?
Deden : ……. there you are
a.I’m sorry b. excuse me c. yes, it is d. certainly

II. Complete the text with Past Tense Forms of the words in brackets!
Aminah ………… (21) (go) to the lake with Anisah. They ………. (22) (want) to see beautiful scenery around the lake. And at the same time, they …….. (23) (ride) a horse around the lake. The guide of lake also …………….. (24) (accompany) them. They …………. (25) (enjoy) their vacation and they were very happy.
III. Arrange these words into good sentence!
1. Madura – Carla – holiday – family – and – to - Island – her – last – went
2. The – began – my – was – newspaper – reading – father – when – earthquake
3. Of – passengers – saw – three – they
4. Congratulated – his – friends – him – his – birthday – on
5. Hard – students – must - study – the
Good luck!

Nama, Absen : ____________________

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b , c , or d!
Text for no 1 – 5
The students of I A SMP Putra Bangsa had a camping at Tawang Mangu last holiday. They had planned it for a long time. They went there by a bus and Mr. Agus accompanied them.
Before going to Tawang Mangu, they gathered at school for checking all the things they want to bring. They brought tents, sleeping bags, cooking and eating utensils, and some food. Every student had to take their own clothes, jackets, and first aid kit. They also wanted to have a camp fire at night so they took some wooden fire because they didn’t want to cut the trees in the forest. They left the school at 8 am and they arrived at the camping ground at 10 am.
1. Who went camping in Tawang Mangu?
a. the boy students in my class c. the students in my class
b. the students of SMP Harapan Jaya d. the girls students in my class

2. How long did it take from school to Tawang Mangu?
a. four hours b. three ours c. two hours d. one hour

3. How did they go to the camping ground?
a. by motorcycle b. by bus c. by truck d. on foot

4. They brought many things, except ……
a. a hoe b. a pan c. a jacket d. plate and spoon

5. What did they plan at night?
a. they went home c. they cooked the meal
b. they had a campfire d. they set up the tents

6. Dani …. to the skate park an hour ago.
a. go b. going c. goes d. went
Text two for no 7 -11
Yesterday was 2 May, and the children did not want to be late for school. They had attended the National Education Day Ceremony that morning. So did Heny, Sarah, Indra, and Rania. They got up early, took a bath, and put on their white and blue uniforms.
The students and the teachers at SMP Nusantara had a flag ceremony on the National Education Day, 2 May, every year. They came to school early and gathered in the playground.
At 07.30 am the bell rang. The students stood in rows, the girls were ion front and the boys were at the back. The teachers joined them in the yard. Then, the headmaster came and the ceremony began. First, three students raised the flag and the other sang Indonesia Raya. After that, the headmaster gave speech about the National Education Day.
After doing the ceremony, the students had some contest and games to celebrate it. The contest must be followed by all classes.

7. Who participated in the flag ceremony?
a. the students and the teacher did c. the headmaster did
b. the students did d. the answer a and c correct

8. What date in the National Education Day commemorated? The National Day is commemorated ….
a. on 17 August c. on 28 October
b. on 2 May d. on 22 nd December

9. When did they sing Indonesia a song? They sang it ….
a. after they raised the flag c. before they raised the flag
b. when they raised the flag d. after the headmaster gave a speech

10. How did the students commemorate that they?
a. they had to follow the flag ceremony c. they had to gather in the playground
b. they had to make a festival d. they had to get up early

11. The orientation of the text is a paragraph …..
a. one b. two c. one and two d. two and three

12. Sany : Do you want some more sugar in your tea?
Sandy : ……….., I like bitter
a. certainly b. no, thanks c. yes, you’re welcome d. yes, thanks

13. Sahrul ……….. a mango yesterday
a. eaten b. eat c. ate d. eated

14. A library ….. contains a list of all the books in the library.
a. article b. catalogue c. edition d. reference

15. Ali always studies well, so he is a ….. boy.
a. diligent b. careful c. friendly d. polite

II. Change the word in parenthesis into past!
16. Lala (sing) ……… a song on the stage last holiday.
17. Deni (get) ……… an accident yesterday.
18. Somebody (steal) …….. Laras’s bike yesterday.
19. I read a story book now. Yesterday, I (read) ……….. a novel.
20. Where (be) ….. you five minutes ago?
21. Sammy (come) ………. to my house last night.
22. My sister (sleep) …………… early last night.
23. Today she buys some magazines. Last week she (buy) …………. a newspaper.
24. They (study) ……….. together in the library three hours ago.
25. My little brother (break) ………… a glass in the kitchen two days ago.
III. Arrange these words into good sentences!
26. sugar – father – some – your – wants – in – tea – his
27. participated – the – palm – in – students – climbing – tree
28. the – understood – students – about – teacher’s – the – explanation
29. three – my – visited – my – friends – days – me – hospital – ago – the – to
30. were – students – having – test - a

Nama, Absen : ____________________

I. Choose the correct answer by crossing a, b, c, or d\
Text for no 1 - 5
One day Sandra falls sick in the middle of the English lesson. All the students did writing tasks. Suddenly Sandra vomited. All other students stopped writing. Mrs. Linda helped her immediately. The chairman of the class, Joko sent to the school’s doctor.
In five minutes the doctor came. He examined her carefully. He examined her eyes. He felt her stomach. He listened to her heart beat. He measured her blood pressure. Then he took her temperature.
“I’m afraid she suffers from malaria. Her temperature is very high. That is why she vomited. She has a very bad cough, too. I’ll give her some pills for her malaria, some tablets for her fever, and syrup for her cough.” She needs a week’s rest “said the doctor”.

1. What is the main idea of the second paragraph?
a. the doctor gave Sandra some pills and syrup
b. in five minutes the doctor came.
c. the doctor examined Sandra carefully.
d. the doctor listened to her heart beat

2. He measured her blood pressure. (paragraph two)
The word her refers to …..
a. doctor b. Sandra c. stomach d. Mrs.Linda

3. The chairman of the class, Joko sent to the school’s doctor.
The synonym of the italic word is ……
a. leader b. vice c. director d. driver

4. According to the doctor Sandra got malaria.
Which paragraph tells about it?
a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 1 & 3
5. Where Sandra was examined by the doctor?
a. room b. classroom c. office d. school clinic

6. Shop Assistant : Please have a look at these ties.
Mr. Ivan : Do you think this one is sewn ……
Shop Assistant : Of course not. Why don’t you choose the other ones?
a. actually b. neatly c. badly d. well

7. Doctor : What’s your problem?
Wina : I have …… my ankle
Doctor : What happened?
Wina : I fell off from my bicycle last night
a. examined b. operated c. checked d. injured

8. Evan : Hey, you’re perspiring.
Ditya : I ….. to the hospital
Evan : Who is sick?
Ditya : My friend
a. will go b. am going c. went d. have been

9. Mr. John : What will you do in the company tomorrow?
Mr. Black : I …….. a new machine
a. operate b. operated c. will operate d. am operating

10. Lucy : What is your uncle’s occupation?
Lutfi : He is a carpenter
Lucy : What does he do?
Lutfi : He usually …..
a. makes some chair, table, and cupboard c. delivers the letters
b. examines the patient d. teaches the students

11. Dandi : Can I play the piano at the show?
Father : …….. I’ll be very proud of you.
a. don’t mention it c. never mind
b. why not d. that’s a good idea

12. Bogor is famous as rainy city. It rains almost every day there. Look, there are black …. In the sky. It’s going to rain again.
a. clouds b. waves c. snowy d. winds

13. Dana : Where does Mr. Harianto go?
Dani : He goes to the harbor. He works in ship, and often goes abroad for months.
Dana : What does he do ?
Dani : He is a …….
a. stewardess b. sailor c. tailor d. passengers

14. Adit : Why does your father like living in the countryside?
Ayu : Because it is …….. living in the city
a. as quiet as b. quiet c. the quietest d. quieter than

15. Winda : We would like to invite you for dinner this weekend.
Wina : …..
a. Sorry, I don’t like c. I’d love to, but I’ll busy
b. No, it is a bad programme d. I’m not interested

II. Change into future tense!
16. Rina ( drew) ……. a beautiful painting.
17. Nadia (wrote) …… a letter to her old friend.
18. Rahma (sent) …….. something special for her uncle.
19. The students (did) ……. their homework together.
20. Technician (repairs) ……… a computer quickly.
21. Salsa (helped) …… her mother in the kitchen.
22. They (understood) ………. what the teacher explained soon
23. She (misses) …… her family in abroad.
24. Firman (got) …… some moneys from his parents.
25. We (gave) ……. some lesson for naughty boys.
III. Arrange these words into good sentence!
26. students – go – camping – the – of – Nusantara – tomorrow – SLTP – will – to
27. came – they – school – early – to – the – playground – gathered – in – and
28. woke – Irna – up – morning – late - this
29. holiday – family – will – my – lake – next – to - go
30. put – in – your – clothes – you - cupboard

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