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Soal - soal Bahasa Inggris SMK

SKL 1 Menentukan ungkapan yang berhubungan dengan permohonan/pemberian saran.
SKL 2 Menentukan ungkapan yang berhubungan dengan penanganan tamu/ percakapan di telepon/ percakapan pribadi.
SKL 3 Menentukan ungkapan yang berhubungan dengan kejadian masa lampau/ kejadian yang sedang berlangsung.
SKL 16 Menentukan kata/frasa yang benar untuk menggantikan kata/frasa yang salah dalam ungkapan perbandingan benda/orang.
SKL 17 Menentukan kata/frasa yang benar untuk menggantikan kata/frasa yang salah dalam ungkapan yang berhubungan dengan deskripsi benda/tempat.
SKL 22 Menentukan pikiran utama/ gambaran umum/ informasi rinci tersurat/ informasi tersirat/ rujukan kata/frasa/ makna kata/ frasa dari surat bisnis/ memo/ pesan.

Answer these questions correctly!
1. Risa : May I go to Pangandaran, Mom?
Mother : Yes, but dont forget to take care of yourself.
Risa : Thanks, Mom.
From the dialog above, we know that mother ____ to go to Pangandaran.
A. Allows C. Forbids
B. Orders D. Avoids
2. Student : … to carry these books to your room sir?
Teacher : No, thanks. I can do it myself.
A. Do you want C. Can you help
B. Will you D. May I help you
3. Trainee : What should we do when we have an interview?
Trainer : First of all, ____ because no companies want to pay someone who cannot do anything.
Trainee : I see. Is there anything else?
A. You have to tell them how much you want to be paid.
B. You must inform them that you have a relation in the company.
C. You have to show them that you have capability.
D. You must state that you have interest to work in the company.
4. Caller : Hello. __________?
Nita : I m sorry, he is out. Could you call back at four?
Caller : Oh, yes. Thank you.
A. Could you speak to Mr. Aziz, please.
B. Can I take a message from you.
C. Could I speak to Mr. Aziz, please.
D. Would you call him again
5. Operator : Subscription Division, Tempo Magazine. Can I help you?
Caller : Yes, I’d like to subscribe to Tempo.
Operator : Yes, Ma’am. _____
Caller : This is Susan Olivia.
A. Can I talk to Susan Olivia
B. Shall I call you with your last name
C. May I know who’s calling, please?
D. Can you tell me your name, please?
6. Caller : Can I speak to the Purchasing Manager, please?
My name’s Rizal from the supplying company.
Receptionist : I’m sorry Mr. Rizal. The Manager’s out. ____
Caller : Okay. Would you please tell him that I haven’t received his Email about the order.
A. Can I leave a message?
B. Would you like to hold?
C. Can you call back later?
D. Would you like to leave a message?
7. Andri : Did you join the study tour program?
Diana : If my parents had given me permission, ______
Andri : It was a pity. The program was very useful
A. I will join it. C. I would have joined it.
B. I would join it D. I wouldn’t have joined it.
8. Y : Did you know your parents go to the show?
X : Oh certainly, I _____ my homework when they left.
A. have done C. was doing
B. am doing D. had done
9. Back to School Midyear Sales at Bros! Prices are more lower than
those of other stores in town come for anything you need at school.
10. In our new department store, you’ll find more good atmosphere of
shopping than in the old one. You’ll be surprised by our services and
the completeness of our goods.
11. Thomas : I’ve just witnessed an accident. It was a hit and run.
Police : Can you describing the car?
Thomas : Well, it’s a small blue Japanese one with two doors, I think.
Questions 11 - 13 refer to the following memo:
To : Office Staff
From : Bill Jones, Director
Subject : Lunch Hour

All staff members are requested to eat their lunch in the employees lounge only. Please don’t take food into the conference room and please don’t eat at your desk. We want to keep the office clean. A dining table and chairs are available in the break room for your comfort. We also plan to buy a small refrigerator. Thank you for your cooperation.

12. What is the purpose of this memo?
A. to invite staff members to a special lunch.
B. To announce a conference.
C. to discuss how the office is cleaned.
D. to explain to staff where they may eat.
13. Who is Bill Jones?
A. The director C. An office cleaner.
B. A meal planner D. A lunch server
14. What are staffs asked to do?
A. eat at their desks.
B. clean the table in the break room.
C. keep food out of the conference room.
D. buy their food at the store.
Questions 15 - 16 refer to the following memo:
To : All Employees
From : R. Wettimuny
Subj. : Ordering Supplies
All requests for supplies must be typed and signed. Only typed request will be accepted. All requests
must be on my desk by the fifteenth of every month. Approved request will be sent on to the Accounting Department.
Please plan ahead. It takes two six weeks to order supplies.

15. What does the memo concern?
A. overdue accounts C. Supply requests
B. Office furniture D. Computers
16. When must employees submit their requests?
A. In two weeks C. Within six weeks
B. By the fifteenth of every month D. Immediately

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