Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Soal Bahasa Inggris SMP


A. Choose the right answer below!
1. Deni ____ my best friend but we aren’t friends any longer.
A. used to C. use
B. uses D. using
2. Shopkeeper: Would you follow me?
Buyer : ____
A. All right
B. Yes, would you follow me
C. Yes,
D. No, I’m afraid
3. Mr. John: We would be happy if you attend our wedding ceremony next Monday.
Mr. Brown: We would be glad too, Mr. John.
What will Mr. Brown do next Monday?
A. He will come to Mr. Brown’s birthday party.
B. He will come to Mr. John’s wedding ceremony
C. He will not got to Mr. John wedding ceremony
D. He would come to party
4. Would you like _____ us in the celebration this evening, Ms. Brown?
A. joins C. join
B. joined D. to join
5. Mr. Sim: Would you like to come to my house tonight?
Mr.Jim : _____
A. I like you C. I love you
B. I’d love to D. I hate you
6. Jenny: Would you come to our place tomorrow?
Ally: That would be great
The underlined sentence show ___
A. An order C. A comment
B. A suggestion D. An invitation
7. A: Do you want to go to the football game this evening?
B: Yes, sure that sounds like fun. Thanks for asking.
The italic sentences show ____
A. Refusing
B. Accepting
C. Agreement
D. Disagreement

Question no. 8 - 9
Last week, my four year old daughter, Sally was invited to children’s party. I decided to take her by train. Sally was very excited because she had never traveled on a train before. She sat near the windows and asked question about everything she saw.

8. According to text above how old is Sally?
A. She is five years old
B. She is four years old
C. She is old daughter
D. She is six years old
9. Why did Sally’s mother decide to take her by train?
A. because Sally never travel by train
B. because Sally likes train
C. because Sally often travel by train before
D. because Sally doesn’t like travel
10. There ___ a hotel opposite the station but it closed a long time ago.
A. used to be C. used to
B. use to D. uses

B. Complete the sentences with “used to”!
11. I ____ at ten o’clock, but now I sleep at nine o’clock.
12. When I was a child, I ___ vegetable, but I don’t like it now.
13. Anna never used to drink cold water, but now ___

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