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TIME : 40 minutes

A. Choose the correct answer by crossing A, B,
C or D

1. Mila : I have already put the letter here. What next?
Dena : Do you see the “start” button on the machine? If you press it, ___
Mila : Oh, yes thank you.
A. You will see the next instruction
B. You would see the next instruction.
C. You ought to see the next instruction.
D. You would have seen the next instruction.
2. The boy is full of ambitions. He is a ___ boy.
A. Ambition C. Ambious
B. Ambitious D. Ambisius
3. They collect many stamps this year. It is __
A. Collects C. Collection
B. Collect D. Collectors

4. This object has no use at all. It is a ______ object.
A. Useless C. Using
B. Uses D. Use
5. Its funny I think, he is like a child. So, he is _
A. Child C. Children
B. Childish D. childs
6. They want to apply a job in a company after finishing the study. They must make an ________ before.
A. Applys C. Application
B. Applicate D. Applicating

Question 7 – 9 refer to the following instruction.

7. How is children’s dosage determined?
A. By age
B. By weight
C. By consultation
D. By the amount of food consumed

8. In four – hour period, how much is the maximum amount of medication that an adult should take?
A. two tables C. Six doses
B. four doses D. Eight doses

9. “Repeat above dosage .... “
The antonym of the underlined word is __
A. Over C. Down
B. Below D. Bottom
10. Sister : Ina, ____ to borrow your motorcycle?
Ina : Sure, but remember to fill up the tank.
A. Did you ask me
B Will you be able
C. Can you come
D. Is it possible for me
11. Eni _____ so many accidents if she drove more carefully.
A. Would have
B. Won’t have
C. Wouldn’t have
D. Would have had

12. Linda wasn’t at home yesterday. If she _____ at home yesterday, I _____ her.
A. Was – will visit
B. Was – would visit
C. Were – will visit
D. Were – would visit

13. I and my family will visit our grandparents in Central Java _____
A. Today C. Last week
B. On Sunday D. Next month

14. I’d like to make ___ for my journey to Jogya tomorrow.
A. Book
B. A reservation/ a booking
C. To book
D. Books

15. I am sorry I don’t know the answer, but I really wish I ____
A. Knew C. Know B. Will know D. Have known

16. Amin : I’m sorry for being late. My car broke down on my way here.
Mr. Andi : _____
Amin : Thanks for your advice. I’ll do that.
A. You should call a taxi
B. My driver can help you
C. I think I will send you a driver
D. You’d better have it checked regularly

17. Lets go swimming. I wish I _____
We have a test tomorrow and still have to study.
A. Can C. Could B. Will D. Will be

18. He ____ going to send the letter soon.
A. Are C. Am
B. was D. Is

19. If he ___ more aggressive, he ___ a good salesman.
A. Were – would be C. Was – would
B. Were – would D. Was – would be

20. We wish we can come to visit you soon
A. Wish C. We
B. Can D. Come

21. If you want to attach your documentation so you can put in …..
A. Bibliography C. Summary
B. Suggestion D. Appendix

22. Which one of the following statement that include in closing of presentation?
A. Your excellency Mr. Headmaster
B. Please allow me to say that
C. Make a concept of outline
D. I’d like to conclude that

23. If I ____ you, I would send the letter by mail.
A. Am C. Is
B. Was D. Were

24. These the part of unit V in a report, except _
A. Closing C. Basic theory
B. Summary D. Suggestion

25. In making a report if the person who legalize the report made in a certain institutins so it can be involved in ___
A. Legalization page C. Preface
B. Title page D. Conclusion

26. Which one of the following statement that include in operating the ideas in presentation?
A. To end up my speech, I’d like to say once again
B. I’d like to tell you something about
C. My beloved teacher
D. Finally, I would like say once again
Good evening my dear friends, especially our best friend Talia. On this occasion, id like to express my happiness to be in this special party to celebrate our best friend’s birthday, so allow me please, to say congratulation to Talia, “ Happy birthday to you, my dear! We pray for every success in your life.

Which one of the operating ideas statement relate to text above?
A. Good evening my dear friends
B. On this occasion, I’d like to express my happiness
C. To celebrate
D. We pray for every success in your life
28. They ____ the football competition tonight.
A. Will watch C. Watch B. Watched D. Watched
29. If we take some sources of report from journal, magazine, newspapaer, internet, and book so we can present in ____
A. Unit I C. Unit V B. Unit III D. Basic Theory
30. A: Nice Restaurant. Can I help you?
B: Yes, please. _____ for next Saturday evening.
A: I’m afraid we can’t. We’re fully booked this month.
A. I need to reserve a room
B. I want to book a ticket
C. I really need your help.
D. I’d like to reserve two tables.
Question 31 - 32

31. Why did Mr. Busse write the letter?
A. To tell them about the new products of LCD
B. To remind the sales staff about their annual meeting
C. To discuss something very urgent about a conference.
D. To ask Mr. Orr and Ms. Fowler to see him on Friday, April 14
32. What might the sales staff do after reading the letter?
A. Plan how to spend the extended weekend
B. Display the new products of LCD projectors
C. See Mr. Busse before he leaves for the conference
D. Think about strategies and sales forecast for next year
33. In war our life is full of danger. The war is very _______ for our life.
A. Dangers C. Dangerous
B. Dangerious D. Danger
34. I don’t have time, so I won’t drive. If I had time, I _____
A. Would drive C. will drive
B. Would drove D. will be driven
35. In making a report summary and suggestion include in …..
A. unit I C. Basic theory
B. introduction D. Unit V

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